Walk Deck Repair and Installation Saint Augustine - Palm Coast


Anytime a deck, walkway or stair landing attached to a building, the deck must be waterproofed. By waterproofing, we mean not only the surface of the deck, but most importantly, the transition where the deck meets the wall. If water were to seep in through any cracks or holes in this area, water may penetrate the structural components of the building, causing wood rot and mold. Water penetration into the building’s structure can cause very expensive damage.

Water penetration can be avoided by installing and maintaining a waterproofing system. Waterproof decks consist of several layers, including flashing to seal off the area where the deck meets the wall of the adjacent building. Decks should be inspected every 3-5 years, depending on the system installed. Any small cracks should be repaired at this time, and the top coating should be reapplied (referred to as resealing), to preserve the waterproofing integrity and extend the life of the decks.